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We highly recommend the book: The Ultimate Shopping Map Stockholm

To buy food
Quantum Road map
Vivo Road map
NK Saluhall Road map

Organic food Road map
Japanese food Road map

Rosendal's Garden (Anthroposophical cafe / garden / restaurant) Road map
Flickorna Helin Voltaire Road map
Blue door (Restaurant Cafe / Garden /) Road map
Herman (Vegetarian Restaurant, best views of Stockholm) Road map
Östermalmshallen (Market Hall / Restaurant / Cafe) Road map
Villa Gothem (beautiful surroundings, high quality, from simple to exclusive meals) Road map

Restaurants on Lidingö:
Lidingö Golfklubb
(0800 -; 2100) Road map
Jernet Road map
Millesgarden (11-17) Road map
Gåshaga Sealodge (12-2100, Sun 12-16) Road map

Mood Road map
NK Road map
Sturegallerian Road map

For the kids
Aquaria Road map
Road map
The palace Road map
Skansen Aquaria Road map
(There are there to see moose and bear) Road map
The Vasa Museum Road map

Barber and Hair Dye:
Bjorn Axén Road map
Koivisto (Here you get the best hair color, Temu is # 1) Road map
Tony &; Guy Road map

Art Museums:
Modern Museum Road map
Thielska Gallery Road map
Waldemar Udde Road map

Technical Museums:
Technical Museum Road map
Technology Experiments: Tom Tits Road map (in Södertälje, ca. 40 km from Lidingö / Tyktorpsvägen)

Baden in Lidingö

Sea kayaks
Sea kayaks in the city

Public Transportation
In summer there is less traffic than usual in Stockholm, but it can occasionally still get messy on the roads and streets to disabilities, because a lot of a lot of maintenance work will be carried out during the summer months. The cost of parking in the city can also be quite high. Therefore, it is a good alternative, the use of public transport in the city and to operate in the region of Stockholm. , You can either take a bus or car to Ropsten and from there the subway (Tunnelbana) take. (The parking fees at Ropsten is significantly lower than in the city.)

If you want to ride the bus to Ropsten (Bus 203), you can either walk along the water to the bus stop Constanciavägen (at Norra Kungsvägen, near the Q8 petrol station) or you can go on the Kungsvägen Tyktorpsvägen and Sticklingevägen to the bus stop at Norra Dalängen.

To plan trips, Please try the following

Places of recreation
Blockhusudden Road map
Stora Skuggan Road map

Sailing and windsurfing lessons on Lidingö
Lidingö Jolleseglare
Lidingö Surfcenter

Swedish clothing brands:
Filippa K (road map), and Anna Holtblad (road map). These shops are just near by Odd Molly at Humlegårdsgatan 13.

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