Dates and Events


5 Last day for Disney on Ice, Fines

5-7 Stockholm Winter Games, Stockholm International Fairs

5 Twelfth Night Concert (Porgy &; Bess) und Twelfth Night Dance, Concert Hall

5 Concerto for Iron storage Akers, Nybrokajen 11

6 New Year Concert with Fredrik Kempe Stockholm band and Three Crowns, Nybrokajen 11

6 Twelfth Concert with the Symphony Orchestra of the Swedish Radio, Berwaldhallen

6-9 Pet Fair, Kistamässan

8 days Philharmonic, Concert Hall

9 New Year Concert, Concert Hall

9 Last day for ";Elegant Einar";, Liljevalchs

9 Long Live the champagne! Concert in the Berwald Hall des Stockholm Cantemus Chor (600 singers).

11 An Evening of Spanish Music, Berwaldhallen

12 Fabulous Johann Strauss Gala with Ballet, Berwaldhallen

13 and 15 Stravinsky and Sjostakovic, Concert Hall

14 exhibition Sarah Moon 12345

Creeping in Circles 14 exhibition opens on photographic (open until 3. March)

opens on photographic (open until 17. April)

15 Public Art Display, Concert Hall

16 Trumpet chills, Concert Hall

16 Last day for Halmstad Group, Millesgarden

16 premiere of Skansen Children's Circus

17 Swedish Sports Gala, Fines

Formex 20-23, Stockholm International Fairs

23 Philharmonic in closeup with Ravel and Schumann, Concert Hall

23 Last day for Lord of the Arts, National Museum, Bruno Lily Enlarge, Thiel Gallery exhibition and anger Waldemarsudde

23 Jazzvarité,Berwaldhallen

24 Exhibition ";Men in swimsuit "; is on the Nordic museum (open until 28. August) privy

24 Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings, Berwaldhallen

26-30 Tonsättarfestival, Steve Reich, Concert Hall

26 winter break in Skul Skansen (open until 6. March)

27-30 on two wheels, Stockholm International Fairs

28 Spring salon opens, Liljevalchs (open until 27. March)

28 NASA, a human adventure, and Sports Challenge opens at the Museum of Technology

29 Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit and his friends take Millesgården (open until 15. May)

30 Last day for White Lies at the Museum

5 Eva Löfdahl in the Modern Museum (open until 1. May)

5 The Mersey Beatles, Berwaldhallen

6 Sami National Day Skansen

8-12 Stockholm Furniture Fair, Stockholm International Fairs

8-12 Northern Light Fair, Stockholm International Fairs

9 exhibition priority ";Artists';Letters "; This opens the Postal Museum (open until 17. April)

10-13 LG Hockey Games, Fines

10 Chicago -; Show im Circus (Closing 16. April)

12 W 75. Final, Solvalla

12 Exhibition ";Voodoo "; opens at the Museum of Ethnology

13 Vikingarännet (preliminary, reservdag 20. February)

13 Caroline af Uggla in Tyrol

14 Vienna Johann Strauss Gala Concert, Concert Hall

15 Leonard Cohen interpreted by others Dyvik Hans-Erik and Jack Cohen, Circus

15 young spring salon opens, Liljevalchs (open until 27. March)

16-20 Antiques Fair, Stockholm International Fairs

16 Gardar Eide Einarsson, Bonnier Art Gallery (open until 11. June)

17 ";Male -; King Gustav V's wardrobe "; öffnet am Royal Armoury (going to 10. January 2012)

17 Exhibition ";Foreign "; opens at the Army Museum (open until 7. August)

17-20 Extreme Home Fair, Kistamässan

18 The exhibition ";Garbage "; opens at the Nordic Museum (open until 25. September)

18-20 Martha Stewart, Stockholm International Fairs

19 Jeanloup Sieff at the Modern Museum (open until 22. May)

19 Gösta Adrian-Nilsson (BY) -; Exhibition opens at Waldemarsudde (open until 29. May)

20 Philharmonic in close-up, Concert Hall

Horny 20 O how holy everything with Mia Cut Inger, Circus (and 6 and 13. March)

20 Last day for China's Terracotta Army, Far Eastern Antiquities

21 Band of Horses, The Anhang

22 XL Gala, Fines

23 Bryn Terfel, there Concert Hall

23 Gamashura Yamato, The Drummers of Japan, Circus

24 Tribute Concert to Ingvar Lidholm, Concert Hall

24-27 Caravan &; Camping, Kistamässan

27 Dallas Cowboys Association, der Royal Court

27 Kyrkjebø Sissel -; for you, Circus

1 The National Bank, Circus

4-13 All of the Sea, Stockholm International Fairs

5 Jutta Koether in the Modern Museum (open until 24. April)

5 Thomas Tempte -; Master veneer Waldemarsudde (open until 3. April)

50-20 Breaking the Silence, Photo exhibition at the Army Museum

7 Interpol, Circus

9 Weber and Brahms, Concert Hall

Show 10-13 Wilderness and fly fishing, Stockholm International Fairs

10-13 rooms and garden, Kistamässan

11 love standing with Amsterdam Sinfonietta

11-12 Melodifestivalen, Fines

13 European Championship Qualification in handball, dem Royal Court

14 Michael Jackson Thriller Live, Circus

14 DN: Kultur Day at Rival

16 Roayl Palace sprint cross country

18 My Chemical Romance, Royal Court

19 Rise Against, The Anhang

19 The Danish Strygekvartet, Concert Hall

23 Peter Jablonski, Concert Hall

23 The exhibition ";Pleasures and burdens "; opened at the National Museum

24-27 Nordic Gardens, Stockholm International Fairs

25-27 Antiques &; Curiosities Exhibition Centre, Kistamässan

27 Philharmonic in closeup with Sakari Oramo, Concert Hall

27 Russian Army Choir, Ballet and Orchestra of St. Petersburg, Berwaldhallen

27 Premiärmilen, Norra Djurgården

29 Sweden, Moldawien, the men's European Championship qualifier in football Rasunda

31 Rising Stars of Lorenzo Gatto, Concert Hall

1 Rising Stars in the baroque program, Concert Hall

1-3 Angling Fair, Kistamässan

2 Stockholm Ice 2011, Fines

2 Peter Dijkstra and Orphei Drängar, Concert Hall

3 Pasadena Roof Orchestra, Berwaldhallen

4 Djurgården-AIK, Premier Division football debut for men

8 soup spoons concert with Schubert, Concert Hall

8 Royal Vintage in Royal Armoury (open until 8. January 2012)

9 Wild Card trot Olympic finals, Solvalla

9-10 Billie Jean Live, Annexet

11-16 Stockholm International Film Festival Junior

16 Family Concert: House Alphabet Songs, Concert Hall

17 András Schiff, Concert Hall

23-30 Easter with the market, Tradition, Ostern Hexen und äggapickning into Skansen

24 Pippi an adventure on ice, Fines

25 Syrian FC AIK, Men's soccer league in

29 Organ Concert in the Concert Hall

30. Celebrations in May Skansen

30 Preliminary Lill-Skansen Open

4-5 Roger Waters -; The Wall Live, Fines

5-7 Tonsättarweekend with Paula af Malmborg Ward, Concert Hall

6 Rush, Fines

7 Green Lund opens its doors

7 Spring Cross at Norra Djurgården

7 Lars Wallin -; Fashion Stories auf Waldemarsudde (open until 18. September)

7 Djurgården, Hammarby, Allsvenska women in football

8 Lang Lang, Concert Hall

10 Sade, Fines

11-12 Pettersson seventh with the Philharmonic Orchestra, Concert Hall

14 Klara Lidén at the Modern Museum (open until 9. October)

14 Kasper Theatre opens the season in Skansen

14-15 Challenge Bernadotte, värjfäktning, Eriksdalshallen

17 Cecilia Bartoli, Concert Hall

17 Norway's National Day Skansen celebrated

18 Milspåret, Djurgarden

18-20 Sound, Light and Vision, Stockholm International Fairs

22 Katie Melua, Circus

23 DN is abroad in the Concert Hall

24-26 children and books in Skansen

25 The exhibition ";A River and it's over "; opens at the Army Museum (open until 9. January 2012)

26 and 28 Barefoot Songs and symphonies with the Philharmonic Orchestra, Concert Hall

27-29 Elitloppet weekend , Solvalla

28 exhibition of paintings opens at Millesgården Björn Wessman

28 Siri Derkert at the Modern Museum (open until 4. September)

28 Stockholm Marathon

28 Hammarby Tyresö FF, Allsvenska women in football

29 Mora Wood celebrates 40 years anniversary show, Circus

29 mini-marathon

1-6 Taste of Stockholm in the Park

Evgeny Kissin 4, Concert Hall

5 Jerry Seinfeld, Fines

5 Tyresö FF Djurgarden, Allsvenska women in football

6 National Day Skansen

Dream Room 6, at the meeting of the passion, Liljevalchs (going to 4 September)

6 The letter must be submitted, Letters to the kids camp Skansen

8 Archipelago Boat Day

8 Eric Clapton, Fines

9 Parloppet, Hagaparken

9 Bryan Adams on Green Lund

11 drop-in weddings Skansen

17-19 Stockholm Jazz at Skansen

20 Djurgarden Syrianska FC. Men's soccer league in

21 Venetian masterpieces Waldemarsudde (going to 28 August)

24-26 Midsummer Festival Skansen Premiere and dances

28 sing premiere Skansen

3 children to sing along Skansen (Every Sunday during the month)

7 Start the Round Gotland Race, Sandhamn

10-24 hear the 1700s in Skansen

11 Blue Monday at Solliden stage (go to 22. August)

23 Bellman day Skansen

29 DN Galan in the stadium

1-7 Stockholm Pride

13 Midnattsloppet, Södermalm

14 DN Philharmonic concert in the green

16 End sing-along evening in Skansen

16-21 Stockholm Culture Festival

17 Djurgarden Tyresö FF, Allsvenska women in football

17 Jubilee Cup, Solvalla

17 Exhibition ";Staff "; opens at Army Museum (open until 7. February 2012)

20-27 World Water Week in Stockholm International Fairs

25 and 27 Bellmanstafetten, Djurgarden

26-28 Sport; Fitness, Kistamässan

28 Tyresö FF Hammarby, Allsvenska women in football

1-4 Formex, Stockholm International Fairs

3 Tjejmilen, Djurgarden

11 Hammarby-Djurgarden, Allsvenska women in football

17 Stockholm Half Marathon

17 Carl Fredrik Hill works at Waldemarsudde (going to 29. January 2012) shown,

18 AIK Djurgården, Men's soccer league in

23-25 ​​Lidingö Race Weekend

24-25 autumn market Skansen

25 Green Lund closes for the season

30 Artists Autumn Salon, Kistamässan (going to 2. October)

A dystopia, Liljevalchs (open until 8. January 2012)

1-2 Svenst Travelodge Criterion, Solvalla

2 Syrian FC Djurgarden, Men's soccer league in

4 Ane Brun in Circus

4-6 Equity Management, Stockholm International Fairs

4-7 Technical Fair, Stockholm International Fairs

7-9 & Antiques; Kuriositäten, Kistamässan

8 Turner, Many, Twombly im Modern Museum (open until 15. January 2012)

8 Tjurruset

13-16 Home Furniture Fair, Stockholm International Fairs

13-16 Home &; Villa, Stockholm, Stockholm International Fairs

14-16 wonderful children, Stockholm International Fairs

15 Erik Olsson work on Waldemarsudde displayed (going to 26. February 2012)

16 AIK Syrianska FC, Men's soccer league in.

16 Hässelbyloppet

17-23 Stockholm Open, where the Royal Tennis Hall

19-21 Elvis, Fines

29 autumn holidays with magical days and eerie nights in Skansen (open until 6. November)

1 Rihanna, Fines

3-6 Gamex, Kistamässan

Martha Stewart 4-6, Stockholm International Fairs

9-13 Scandinavian Boat Show, Stockholm International Fairs

10-13 Everything for your health, Stockholm International Fairs

11-13 The excellent cuisine, Stockholm International Fairs

12 W 75. Final, Solvalla

18-20 PhotoFair, Stockholm International Fairs

25-27 Stockholm International Horse Show, Fines

26-27 Christmas Market Skansen

3-4 Lucia coronation and the Christmas Market in Skansen

10 Nobel Laureates in Concert Hall and dinner at City Hall

Dog Fair Stockholm 10-11, Stockholm International Fairs

11 Lucia concert in Stockholm Fines

13 Lucia celebrations in Skansen

26 Carl XVI Gustaf of Silver Horse V-75 final, Solvalla

31 New Year Celebration in Skansen

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